Family Programs

Quartetto Gelato Family Program


This is a 45-minute program for both children and parents. Each member of the quartet is featured musically and speaks about their instrument(s) and experiences. The quartet makes the analogy of “Find your own voice”.


  • Tango Del Mare

    a foot-stomping tango and introduction to the quartet

  • Blue Rondo A La Turk

    an accordion feature including a twisted waltz and some surprise Mozart

  • Cello Brilliance

    a virtuosic cello moto-perpetuo featuring Kirk on the cello. Utilizing all the many different things capable on the cello with a funky modern feel

  • Mesecina

    An authentic Serbian piece that features pyrotechnical gypsy solos on the violin

  • Tanti Anni Prima

    A haunting melody played on a musical saw, something you don’t hear everyday!

  • Minnie the Moocher

    Colin Sings this popular tune that gets the audience involved singing the famous refrain

  • Klezmer Explosion

    a final flashy klezmer showpiece featuring all the members of QG playing two speeds: fast and faster!

program subject to change