Family Programs

Quartetto Gelato Family Program : Love You Forever

This is a 45-minute program for both children and parents featuring the famous children’s story by Robert Munsch! Each member of the quartet is featured musically and speaks about his or her instrument(s) and experiences. The quartet makes the analogy of “Find your own voice”.

  • Tango Del Mare (Tango of the Sea) N. SALERNO

    a foot-stomping tango and introduction to the quartet

  • Clown of Venice CHARLES T. COZENS

    an accordion feature including waltzes, tarantellas, and sounds imitating bagpipes, donkey cries, etc. Beforehand, Alex gives a demonstration of the broad range of sonorities that the accordion possesses. This includes a volunteer from the audience.

  • Elfentanz (Dance of the Elves) DAVID POPPER

    a virtuosic cello moto-perpetuo featuring QG’s member Carina.


    a high-flying, rip-roaring gypsy romp featuring Peter’s infectious unbridled spirit. There is opportunity for audience participation in this showpiece where physical choreography is as much a part of the piece as the frenzy of notes…. Beforehand, Peter describes learning the violin by ear and beginning his professional career playing around tables in restaurants.

  • Love you Forever MUNSCH/MOZETICH

    based on the best seller Canadian book about a mother’s eternal (and sometimes long-suffering!) love for her son. It has been set to music for QG and a narrator with Peter singing the mother’s song to her son. Where the children see a humorous situation, the parents are moved by the emotion of a devoted mother.

  • O Sole Mio DI CAPUA

    Peter relates his personal experience of hearing opera for the first time – he thought it was funny! He invites the audience to react naturally when he sings. When he first begins they may giggle but as the voice intensifies the audience invariably grows quiet and attentive!

  • Romanian Caravan TRADITIONAL

    a final flashy gypsy showpiece featuring all the members of QG playing two speeds: fast and faster! Also included is a rousing cadenza where the violin imitates birdcalls.

program subject to change